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I would love to get some advice on being supportive. recovery has to come first cause without it i will have nothing anyways.

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I have been dating 'J' for 3 months now, from the beginning he has been honest and upfront with me about his troubles with the law and his addiction.

He has been clean for 7 months, after several relapses lasting less than a month previously.

I don't know much about heroin addiction, and I want to a don't.

I want him to know that I am here to talk to, but he seems to pull away and just wants to be alone when he gets stressed out, should I push him to open up? I knew if i got a girl i would focus all my attention on her and not on my recovery.

some of these parents in this forum know what i am talking about.

addicts deal with being an addict the rest of there life. Have you given him consequences if he starts using again? Does he disappear, not answer his phone, or remain secretive about what he's doing?

i still wanna get high but i dont cause i work a program and go to meetings and have a sponsor and work the 12 steps of recovery. If he's still using, you can NOT believe a word he is saying. Addicts are very creative in their "version" of the truth.

give me some more info and i will give you my experience. My husband was using for 2 years, and it progressively got worse until one day I just couldn't deny it anymore.

good luck to you There are some things you definitely need to know first and foremost:1. I moved out of our house and we were separated for over 2 years before he got clean.

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