Ps3 froze while updating

For anyone else having problems with there Sony Tv's today I just had problems with my Sony KDL-46X850 set would turn on and then switch its self off after a few minutes then the red standby light flashing 8 times before trying to turn back on.

ps3 froze while updating-44

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My HX850 will no longer turn on, and my 65" HX955 is turning on and off every 10 secs.

The advice on Sony's site is useless, i have tried this multiple times and it doesn't do a thing. We have lost all our settings but at least it's not turning itself off. Tried switching off at the mains for 5 mins but it's still happening. And is that the only way as I really don't want to have to set everything all up again! yeah but even then, wouldn't the TV be potentially be doing somethign with the free to air signal?

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